Current vacancies

Our team includes driven and passionate scientists and experts in cell and molecular biology, chemistry, nanotechnology, and cell/gene therapy from several research institutions including the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, Stanford University and King’s College London.

Senior Scientist, Nanoparticle Chemist
Stevenage, UK
The position

We are currently looking to hire a postdoctoral level, senior (principal) scientist with experience in synthesising different nanoparticle formulations, along with functionalising these nanoparticle formulations. This position will involve leading research projects of core importance to our overall work. You will be working with a highly multi-disciplinary team, and will be required to collaborate extensively with other team members and also think critically and independently to move our technology development forward.

Key Responsibilities
  • Leading the effort in determining nanoparticle compositions, synthesise, and characterise different formulations.
  • Optimise formulations to adequately protect reagents during lyophilization, and enhance payload encapsulation.
  • Functionalise nanoparticles with different targeting ligands, and optimise these conditions for specific cell types.
  • Characterise and screen different targeting ligands.
  • Execute development, verification and stability studies to ensure stability of these formulations over varying periods of times.
  • Maintain and operate the analytical chemistry instrumentation to measure properties of these nanoparticle formulations.
  • Execute experiments with in vitro assay development to determine the ligand attachment, delivery of nanoparticles, uptake of nanoparticles by different cells, and adapt protocols as required.
  • Hire and mentor additions to the team as we grow.
Required Qualifications
  • PhD in chemistry, or nanotechnology or associated field,
  • 2+ years of relevant research post-PhD experience in an industry or academic setting, with a focus on designing nanomaterials for biomedical applications.
  • Experience with nanoparticle conjugations and functionalization strategies.
  • Proficiency in using analytical techniques like HPLC, gel electrophoresis, DLS, electron microscopy, freeze dry microscopes.
  • Demonstrated expertise in novel assay development.
Preferred Skills
  • Experience in nanoparticle based drug development and/or platform development.
  • Experience with genomics and molecular biology techniques and applications
  • Proficiency in communication, presentation, data analysis, and interpretation
  • Highly motivated and detail-oriented with the ability to think creatively towards efficient problem solving.
  • A strong foundation in experimental documentation, basic statistical analysis and data presentations.
How to apply

If you want to join a fast-growing innovative biotech company and unlock the potential of cell and gene therapies for patients worldwide, send your CV and a short cover letter to Look forward to hearing from you.

Molecular Biologist Lead
Stevenage, UK
The position

We are looking for an ambitious senior scientist with expertise in molecular biology to join our laboratory in Stevenage, UK. The role will involve screening and developing genetic tools to express genes of interest in target cells, working in a small interdisciplinary team to produce the next generation of nanoparticle medicines. This will suit an independent and inventive thinker who will be able to take a lead in pushing our research and development forward fast.

The successful applicant will join ImmTune at an early and critical stage of company development, taking leadership of R&D projects related to gene expression and screening and a broad range of responsibilities in a growing organisation. In light of their important and early role in the company, they will receive a competitive salary and equity options.

Key Responsibilities
  • Development of novel gene expression systems for cell reprogramming.
  • Design experiments and assays to validate expression systems.
  • Manage laboratory work and data outputs.
  • Present and communicate results effectively internally and externally.
  • Hire and mentor additions to the team as we grow. 
Required Qualifications
  • PhD in biochemistry or molecular biology.
  • 1+ years of postdoctoral-level research experience in an industry or academic setting.
  • Practical experience in molecular biology techniques including cloning, PCR, DNA extraction and sequence design.
  • Proficiency in cell culture.
  • Experience in laboratory management.
Preferred Skills
  • Experience with single-cell DNA/RNAseq.
  • Understanding of bioinformatic analysis tools for transcriptomic data.
  • Experience using FACS for cell analysis.
  • Experience in DNA library screening.
  • Proficiency in communication, presentation,
  • Strong quantitative skills with proficiency in data analysis, statistics and interpretation.
  • Experience in immunology, particularly immune cell reprogramming.
How to apply

If you want to join a fast-growing innovative biotech company and unlock the potential of cell and gene therapies for patients worldwide, send your CV and a short cover letter to Look forward to hearing from you.

Senior Scientist, Immunologist
Stevenage, UK
The position

Deliver Biosciences is a London and Stevenage based biotech start-up developing systems for in vivo cell reprogramming, with the mission of delivering truly curative and accessible treatments for disease. Our platform technology is a non-viral system that can deliver single or multiple cargoes to selected cells with exquisite specificity. Delivering tools to cells inside the body will allow the latest advances in gene editing and synthetic biology to reach many more patients, at affordable costs.

Deliver is partnering with one of UK’s leading university King’s College London (KCL)  as part of a prestigious Innovate UK grant which will be used to develop and validate Deliver’s technology platform and accelerate the technology development.

The group of Robert Köchl is working with Deliver Biosciences to develop improved methods of generating CAR T cells using non-viral approaches. As part of this project we will transfect T cells with chimeric antigen receptor constructs and then characterize both the phenotype of these cells as well as their ability to lyse target cells.

Talented and motivated applicants passionate about doing research at the interface of biotech and academia are invited to apply for this position. The candidate will benefit from being at KCL and the position is initially for a year with a possibility of extension (and transfer to Deliver’s stand-alone labs).

Key Responsibilities
  • Work with mice (healthy and tumour models)
  • Isolate immune cells from mouse tissues
  • Culture and transfect cells either on their own or in co-culture systems
  • Analyse cells by flow cytometry
  • Carry out histology on tissue sections from mice
Required Qualifications
  • PhD awarded in Immunology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology or related subjects
  • Extensive experience in purifying T and B cells from mouse organs or blood
  • Extensive experience in viral transduction methods for T cells to overexpress genes and to make CAR T cells
  • Experience of working with primary human immune cells.
  • Extensive experience and knowledge about phenothying T cell subsets as well as other immune cell types
  • Multi-colour flow cytometric staining and analysis
Preferred Skills
  • Holder of a Home Office Personal License
  • Experience with Microscopy
  • Experience with Biochemistry experiments, such as immuno blotting
How to apply

If you want to be at the intersection of academia and industry, and are interested in unlocking the full potential of cell and gene, send your CV and a short cover letter to, and Please use ImmTune-KCL in the subject line. Look forward to hearing from you!